Episode 9

Understanding Personal Recognition - with Arnold Blits

Heather Kleinschmidt published on

Why are so many leadership development initiatives so useless? Why do our good intentions to motivate and engage our employees not produce the results we expect?


In today’s episode, guest Arnold Blits talks through the nuance of effective leadership and management. Listen as he unpacks the characteristics of a truly safe, productive, and innovative team and explains the trap that many entrepreneurs fall into as they grow. He also explains the importance of recognizing when something is a symptom of appropriately-ordered priorities and why it matters.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The prevalence of useless team training programs
  • What a truly “safe” environment consists of
  • The reason why company growth often stunts as it scales
  • The danger of talking values rather than content
  • Why the client (or the person being served by the organization) can’t be king







For over 30 years, Arnold Blits has been intrigued by the question “What REALLY creates success?” His profound search for answers has led to an original set of insights and solutions around management, leadership, and sales.

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