Episode 4

Vision + Progress - with Frank Xavier

Heather Kleinschmidt published on

Have you ever been overwhelmed by possibility? With all the unknown of the future, and all the need that we see around us in the world, how can we make real progress toward achieving something of value?


In today’s episode, listen as guest Frank Xavier shares his story as an entrepreneur with an incredible vision for the future. In this episode, we talk about:

  • growing up in an entrepreneurial + socially responsible household
  • the early challenges every entrepreneur faces
  • making decisions in the face of the unknown
  • pursuing a grand vision when you don’t see the whole path
  • leveraging digital connection
  • starting small






Frank is the founder of Pentanalytics and Spanish.Solutions as well as the host of the FutureFrank podcast. Find his work at any of the links below.

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