Episode 2

What To Do When Difficult Happens - with Lara Currie

Heather Kleinschmidt published on

Have you ever found yourself running into the same difficult situation over and over? It might be with a different person, in a different context - but it’s the exact same problem on repeat, like a broken record.

In today’s episode, listen as guest Lara Currie unpacks the emotions that drive this behavior, and learn how you can work with your own habits to learn your triggers + replace your default response with more productive behavior in order to improve your relationships and your worklife - both for yourself and for those around you.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • why conflict happens
  • what triggers us
  • how to handle difficult situations
  • micro-boundary breaches: how to prevent them + how to respond to them
  • how to build a healthy worklife culture… even when you’re working with imperfect people




Lara is a trainer, speaker, podcaster, and author of the book “Difficult Happens: How triggers, boundaries & emotions impact YOU every day” 

Professionals in high-stress, high-stake fields hire Lara to better understand why people act and react the way they do so that they can build strong productive teams and a strongly connected company culture. 

With more than 27 years of experience in high conflict positions, she has a unique and intuitive understanding of the impact of the human element on communication. She’s passionate about helping business owners communicate effectively, make honest and genuine connections, live with less stress and anxiety, and establish strong boundaries.

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